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The FEMAP Foundation depends on your continuing support to serve communities on both sides of the border.
Border Health

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FEMAP's Youth Programs

Dia De los Niños Saturday, April 30 is Dia del Niño in Mexico. Since 1925, Día del Niño, or theDay of the Child recognizes children, pays homage to their importance in society, and endorses their well being.


Located on the border in El Paso, Texas, the FEMAP Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping FEMAP-SADEC, whose mission is to raise the quality of life among people living in poverty in Mexico, through a variety of health, economic, and social services. Our foundation is equally committed to improving conditions on both sides of the border, through the support of many of FEMAP-SADEC’s programs. Through a Family Hospital, we have helped to build sustainable health programs, which focus on disease prevention, immunization campaigns, family planning, drug and alcohol-abuse prevention, and HIV/AIDS prevention. We have funded many “community banks,” which are small groups of entrepreneurs who develop their own microenterprises. We are also committed to the environment, to research, and to education in our border region. Visit our About Us and Project pages to learn more about us, and feel free to contact us with any further questions.