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SADEC-FEMAP's Nursing School Student Graduates with Honors

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


Guadalupe Anaya graduated with honors from SADEC-FEMAP's Nursing School in December 2009. Anaya was the third best student in her graduating class and one of the best qualified nurses within the state of Chihuahua in the Centro Nacional de Evaluacion para la Educacion (CENEVAL). CENEVAL is the National Centre of Evaluation for Higher Education. Its main activity is the design and administration of assessment instruments for abilities and competencies, as well as the analysis and dissemination of results obtained. A non-profit organization, CENEVAL was founded in 1994 by a mandate of The National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) and provides valid and reliable information about the knowledge and abilities of people.

"This is a very important accomplishment," explains Rosalinda Guerra, R.N., MSN, "CENEVAL's evaluation Board is composed by presidents and deans of educational institutions, heads of professional associations, leaders of private and social organizations, and authorities of the National Ministry of Education."
"I became interested in studying nursing when my first son Alonso was born," explains Anaya in Spanish. "He had a respiratory problem and I took him to Hospital de La Familia to be diagnosed and treated. I did not understand very well, but the doctors and nurses made sure they spoke to me in lay-man terms so I could understand what my son had and what was my role in his recovery," remembers Anaya. Alonso had to undergo a complicated surgical process and was admitted Neonatal Care Unit - a specialized nurse division.

It was there, where Mrs. Anaya motivation for studying the nursing career arose. "Seeing those nurses perform their jobs every day made me realize the importance and dedication nurses fulfill in the hospital. For me being able to see my son happy and healthy is the most important satisfaction I have in my life,” she adds.

In December 2009, FEMAP's Nursing School graduated 50 students in the field of nursing such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nursing assistant and nurse's aides. Adjacent to Hospital de la Familia, FEMAP's Nursing school was established in 1990 and in the last 20 years has graduated 1,000 registered nurses. In 2009, the school had 500 students enrolled. Armed with the prospect of a successful career, these nurses can better care for their families and provide much needed medical services in their community. FEMAP Foundation provides $20,000 a year in nursing school scholarships.

FEMAP’s Hospital de la Familia, which the nursing school is attached to, has been approved as a teaching hospital for both nurses and physicians by the National Ministry of Health. It is the only hospital in Juarez to receive such a designation. The student corps ranges from younger students fresh out of high school to older women, many head of households, trying to better themselves economically through education. “By opening the Nursing School, we have committed resources to education, helping address Cd Juarez’s greatest educational challenges and provide quality learning opportunities,” says Dr. Enrique Suarez, Executive Director for the FEMAP-SADEC programs in Cd. Juarez. "Nursing students from this region understand the health issues and concerns afflicting the bi-national border community. Third world illnesses such as tuberculosis and cholera continue to inflict this metropolis of 2.3 million. It is imperative that Cd Juarez count on qualified medical personnel who can address these health concerns."

In the next e-newsletter issue, we will report on the nursing shortage in Cd. Juarez and on the plans to increase the size of the Nursing School to accommodate more students.